The Roman house of Bulgari is nothing short of illustrious. Over the years this renowned jeweler developed a distinctive style for its various watch collections that is made of pure, yet joyful and flamboyant lines; just like the Italians themselves actually. But what is the secret element that creates desirable Bulgari beauty?


Bulgari Octo Chronograph


The design of a Bulgari watch is quite hard to describe. A Bulgari watch needs to be held, worn and savored. Ever since the Bvlgari Bvlgari made its debut in 1977 the design of a Bulgari watch is a delicate composition made of rational lines and consideration for the manufacturing process, but also pure forms, a provocative contemporary spirit and a dash of Italian sprezzatura.


At Bulgari a watch design is governed by the same principles as Italian industrial design. Form follows function. There are no decorative elements. The Bauhaus movement from Germany now pops to mind and the principles can be compared but the Roman spirit found at Bulgari is an extra element that shows itself in every creation. Especially the architecture found in the ancient Italian capital provides endless inspiration for the Bulgari designers. The countless buildings from various periods in history inspire to have them play around with volumes and solid shapes which generates new and surprising forms.


Roman architecture


Inspiration is also found in Bulgari’s identity including its expertise in colored stones and its heritage as a jeweler. But that is as far as it goes. Retro and vintage may be important trends of our age, but a Bulgari watch is designed from scratch to fit with its era. A Bulgari watch is therefore contemporary by essence. At Bulgari the designers have to feel what it is the public wants and needs, even when this isn’t immediately evident. This approach can lead to surprising creations like the twisting Serpenti and the powerful Octo with its unmistakable Gérald Genta DNA.


To get to the ideal watch manufacturing techniques are often pushed to their furthest limits. At Bulgari they love a challenge and the brand spares no effort in fashioning parts until the perfect degree of subtlety and style is achieved. Creating the perfect watch case is as important and as demanding as building a complicated movement. But when you ask the designers at Bulgari what really sets their creations apart they come up with a surprising answer. Irony. It is a rather unusual emotion that radiates from every Bulgari watch but it can be explained through Italian culture. The Italian designers at Bulgari like to strip away the extraneous, but they always do it with a smile. Call it serious with humor. This is what Italian charm is made of and it gives every Bulgari watch that sparkling unique and luxurious emotion.


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