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David Ben Joseph

David Ben Joseph is the enthusiast self-made man who laid the foundation of the Ace Jewelers Group. He did so back in 1975 when he started a boutique in the centre of Amsterdam. Humble beginnings that evolved into a multi-location company in which his sons Alon and Amir joined him. Five highlights in the life of a proud and passionate personality who followed his boyhood dream, told by David Ben Joseph himself.

1. “As a kid I was always taking apart watches. I was completely fascinated if not obsessed by the way 42 the small mechanical parts interacted and functioned. I didn’t have any technical knowledge or education but I still managed to take a movement apart, study all the parts and put it back together again. I have to ad- mit, I love many mechanical products, I also took motor-cycles apart and still love them today.”

2. “In 1975 I started my own business in Amsterdam. I am a self-made man who had to find out everything the hard way. Initially we started selling jewellery, as I am a certified diamond cutter, setter and goldsmith. But I really wanted to sell watches as well. Watches were the reason I started my business in the first place. That was easier said than done, as it wasn’t easy at all because most brands were already present in the centre of Amsterdam. But I don’t give up easily. In the end my persis- tence and enthu- siasm convinced and I gradually moved up in the world of haute horology to get to the brand portfolio we present in our boutiques today.”

3 “Moving from the Kalverstraat to the Heiligeweg to eventually moving to the current lo- cation of Ace & Spyer right in the heart of Amsterdam is certainly a highlight. But working with my two sons Alon and Amir is an even bigger highlight. I never pushed them to step into this business. They form the daily management team with me. I am very happy to work with my sons and I’m very proud of them. They’re a big part in the continuing success of Ace.”

4. “One of the best things in this business is the people you meet. When people purchase watches and jewellery after talking about the different crea- tions and sharing a com- mon passion and interest, it is a happy moment. I love being a part of that mo- ment. It’s inspiring and it even leads to longlasting friendships from all over the world. I made friends from Australia, Hong Kong and the US for example I see every year who started as clients and are now close friends.”

5. “I really love the Breitling Aerospace I al-ways wear when I play golf, but my rose gold IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Edition Antoine de Saint Exupéry makes my heart beat fast- er. That watch is one of the highlights in my modest private collection.”

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