Video: The Ace List S02E05 Serge Maillard Europa Star Magazine

Serge Maillard, the publisher & CEO of Europa Star, is the fourth generation to take the helm of the oldest trade magazine in the watch industry. Since 1927 Serge’s family has been publishing articles about all facets of the international watch industry. He sits down with Ace Jewelers’ Alon Ben Joseph and takes a journey through the history of watchmaking. Serge also show us their amazing archives they have been digitalizing.

During this live session Serge will also give the viewers a gift: a limited period of time to access these digital archives plus three physical editions of the magazine.

Question you need to answer after viewing the episode: Since what year are the Ben Josephs subscribed to Europa Star?

To claim your gift, send your answer plus postal address by e-mail to: service [at]