Video: The Ace List episode 55 Martin Klocke of Sherpa Watches

Last year our own Alon Ben Joseph became friends with Sherpa Watches’ owner Martin Klocke after he was interviewed for the podcast series The Real Time Show. Out of that friendship a collaborative watch project was born: the TRTS x Sherpa OPS. Obviously Ace Jewelers because of that also became the exclusive retailers of the Sherpa watch brand in the Netherlands.

Sherpa Watches is dedicated to bringing back the most legendary watch models. They relaunched designs that have become true treasures among vintage watch collectors and offer something remarkable for anyone who has yet to discover the Sherpa heritage. Sherpa Watches pays tribute to the achievements of the original Enicar S.A. brand that conquered the watch world during the golden age of tool watches.
And at the same time, they honour the humble Sherpa people that inspired the Swiss pioneers in naming their most ambitious model line from 1956 on.

After the seven The Ace List questions, the gentlemen discussed what makes Sherpa so special. And, the viewers got a master class why Sherpa watches are real compressor dive watches! As usual the last part was reserved for the live viewers to ask questions.

Ace Jewelers is the exclusive dealer for Sherpa Watches in the Netherlands.