Video: The Ace List S03E12 Guido Benedini of Watch Angels

A true watch fanatic and watch industry veteran, Guido Benedini, started a complete new concept in this tradition industry: Watch Angels. In the middle of the COVID pandemic, in 2020, Guido Benedini founded Watch Angels, creating the first manufacturer-to-consumer crowdfunding model for meaningful high-quality watches at factory direct prices.

In the previous episode of The Ace List live we sat down with Cedric Bellon, the first watchmaker featured on Watch Angels. In this episode Ace Jewelers’ CEO Alon Ben Joseph sat down with his Dutch friend Guido Benedini and discuss his evolution in the watch industry and why he has decided to found Watch Angels. Plus they discussed the upcoming collab between Cedric Bellon Watches & Ace Jewelers, a watch produced and sold by Watch Angels.