Video: The Ace List S03E06 Piero Marangon of NANIS Jewels

Everyone that knows the contemporary Italian fine jewelry brand NANIS, knows the driving & creative force behind the brand: ravishing Laura Bicego. We also know that behind every strong woman, there is a strong man. Laura’s strong man is Piero Marangon, the CEO of NANIS Jewels. The magic duo behind this luxurious and colorful brand are life partners and co-founded NANIS Jewels back in 1995.

Where Laura is responsible for the designs and the creativity of the company, she also is unmistakably the face of the company too. As they are in such a symbiotic partnership, Piero takes care of everything else within NANIS Jewels. Where creativity is very important, craftsmanship & quality are equally important when manufacturing high-end handmade jewels. And, this is Piero’s responsibility.

Ace Jewelers is a family owned and run business, like NANIS Jewels. Ace Jewelers’ founder and father of current CEO used to do business with Laura’s father. So, the relationship between NANIS and Ace is warm and runs deep. We are very humbled that Laura has come on the show twice already:

And, although both our viewers and we would love to have her back on the show. We wanted to show the magic behind the designs: the craftmanship of NANIS. Piero is very humble and does not like to take the limelight, but it took us a few seasons of arm twisting to get him on the show. He sat down with Ace Jewelers’ Alon Ben Joseph and they took a deep dive into what makes NANIS so special.

Ace Jewelers is authorized dealer for NANIS.


Video: The Ace List S02E10 Laura Bicego NANIS Jewels

Laura Bicego, the founder of Italian fine jewelry brand Nanis Italian Jewels, joined Alon Ben Joseph of Ace Jewelers on November 5th, 2020 during season one. You can watch episode S01E16 here.

There is hardly anyone in the jewelry industry that is so vibrant and full of life as Laura is. During the first session together Ace Jewelers’ Alon Ben Joseph and Laura had such great fun, this calls for a follow-up session. In this second season Laura will present the novelties her team and her created this year. It promises to be a fun episode again.

Ace Jewelers is authorized dealer for NANIS Jewels and the exclusive partner in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Video: The Ace List S01E16 Laura Bicego NANIS Jewels

The Ace List – Live Laura Bicego of NANIS Jewels – S01E16

Laura Bicego is the founder of fine jewelry brand NANIS. She is also the creative force behind all the designs. NANIS has a clear design code which is a strong focus on satin finished yellow gold often combined with colorful gemstones. During this session Alon Ben Joseph of Ace Jewelers they took a deep dive into where Laura finds inspiration. Especially as they come up with dozens of new and innovative designs each year.

Ace Jewelers is authorized dealer for NANIS.