Video: The Ace List S03E11 Cedric Bellon of Cedric Bellon Watches

Cedric Bellon is one of the most talented and most modest watch designers of our modern day. And, he is a grand advocate of sustainability. That is the reason why Ace Jewelers’ CEO Alon Ben Joseph is a big fan of the person Cedric Bellon and all the watches his partners and him designed in the studio called Bellon & Partners.

Last year Cedric Bellon (finally) ventured out and made his own watch. Not only was it the first wristwatch ever made of recycled steel, but also created with watch start-up Watch Angels – a crowd funding platform for watchmakers. Obviously Alon Ben Joseph became a ‘Watch Angel’ as he supported the round and received a watch from the first batch bearing the Cedric Bellon brand name. He still wears it today.

From a young age Cedric Bellon was fascinated by sciences, nature and crafts. He first studied geology and then laureated in product design at L’Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique. At the age of 26 he discovered watch design and sent some concepts to Swiss watch brands. Bell & Ross, TAG Heuer and Longines gave him a chance and became his first clients. From then on, he was hooked by horology and made watch design his full-time career in 2005. Cedric is an advocate for sustainability in the watch industry.

This year Cedric launched a second watch it is actually on sale right now with Watch Angels. In this episode the gentlemen discussed Cedric’s evolution as a designer and how he wants to improve sustainability in the watchmaking sector. Plus they had a great news, actually breaking news, as they announced the Ace x CB collab watch that will be presented soon.

Live Season 2: Bernard Werk of Gyre Watch & Watching Magazine

Bernard Werk is an icon in the Dutch watch scene. He is the publisher of one of the oldest watch magazines in the Netherlands: Watching. Two decades ago Bernard interviewed the Ben Josephs for the first time and a friendship was forged afterwards.

Recently Bernard co-founded a new Dutch brand: Gyre Watch. Wristwatches made of recycled fish nets! Obviously we had to support this project immediately and we became authorized dealers of these sustainable watches.

During this episode of The Ace List Live our own Alon Ben Joseph will discuss the evolution of the watch industry the last few decades with Bernard. Not only from a media perspective, but obviously from a product point of view as well. And, why a journalist felt compelled to become a sustainable watch producer.

Ace Jewelers is an authorized dealer for Gyre Watch.