Video: The Ace List S02E07 Davide Cerrato The Design Kid

Davide Cerrato

As you have noticed we love design at Ace Jewelers and love designers even more. We are very humbled that Davide Cerrato sat down with our very own Alon Ben Joseph to talk about marketing, cars, design and obviously wristwatches.

Davide Cerrato is not only a very nice guy, super passionate and a true gentleman, but he is also a legend in the watch industry. He has done so much, he goes by the following titles: The Design Kid – Creative Alchemist, Watch Designer & Breakthrough Innovator.

His track record led him from defining the global image of Panerai for five years, to working on relaunching Tudor for nine years (where he designed the Black Bay) and spend his last five years at Montblanc as the managing director of the watch unit (where he was the force behind the full integration between Minerva and Montblanc watches).

Alon Ben Joseph